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Design and production of components for automatic industrial machines and movement equipment from Bett Sistemi: a leader in the sector

omponents for automatic industrial machines and movement equipmentBett Sistemi was born in 1994 from the more than 30 years’ experience of the two founding partners in the area of components for the industrial sectors of packaging and bottling.

Today, it is a leading company in the production and marketing of innovative components and systems for automatic machines, conveyor components and modular accident-prevention protections. All of the Bett Sistemi solutions are conceived and designed to guarantee maximum quality and extremely contained costs, in keeping with the philosophies of “Low Cost Automation” and “Lean Production”.

The company’s production range allows it to guarantee flexible and efficient responses to all of the various needs of builders and users of automatic machines, and bottling, packaging and movement lines. Bett Sistemi is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Choosing Bett Sistemi means choosing a company with willpower and excellent organization, focused on constant, creative, innovative and standardized improvement, with rapid, quality service, ongoing activity and growing competitiveness.

Lean production

The company designs, studies and produces specific components and solutions able to satisfy the three main requirements of the Lean Production approach to the assembly line: assembly stations, systems for arrangement of materials and systems for connecting the workstations. Bett Sistemi’s offerings are distinguished for the efficacy of the results, originality of solutions and systems, and quality of the products as well as highly competitive pricing.

Mobile trolleys, with fixed or tilting shelves

Workstations for manual assembly and handling of materials and components

Workstations for manual assembly and handling of materials and components

These are useful in both small and large companies; thanks to the ease of assembly and the limited number of basic components of the system, it is possible to create customizable, flexible and easily reconfigurable stations. These are ergonomic and safety solutions; dedicated accessories are also available to further customize each solution.

Gravity warehouses

Tool cabinets

Tool cabinets

They have an anodized aluminium profile structure and are complete with infill panels in transparent polycarbonate and 7035 grey compressed stratified laminate. They are equipped with black PE rotating shelves and security locks. The whole structure can be customized according to your needs.

Height-adjustable benches for industry 4.0

assembly stations that adapt to the physical characteristics of the operator in order to ensure maximum safety, are made of anodized aluminium.

Components for carpet conveyor belts B Series

Easy to install, available in three versions and suitable for variable weight loads up to 100kg.

Components for chain conveyor belts with W series safety system

Two new models are available, 190 mm and 304 mm in length, with a patented accident prevention system for applications that must guarantee maximum safety for the on-board machine operator.

Connecting elements and positioners for industrial applications

A complete line of connectors, clamps, connecting systems, fastening systems, and pipe fittings suitable for various industrial sectors.

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