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Clamshell buckets and mechanical grabs from Negrini. The best answer for excavation and movement of materials

Hydraulic Clamshell Grabs are the optimum solution for any bulk material, that can be used on rope or hydraulic devices.

The bucket is used for digging, even below ground level, in the construction sector, or for dredging polluted sludge.

Clamshell buckets may be hydraulic, utilized with hydraulic circuits, or mechanical, and thus managed with a cable.

Clamshell buckets and mechanical grabs

Clamshells buckets and mechanical grabs are components used to move, lift, remove, or move around materials such as scrap metal or iron, wood, contaminated sediment, contaminated sludge, rock, recyclable waste and loose material, as well as to clean the bottoms of harbours and rivers. Some models of buckets are optimal instruments for dredging and underwater excavation.

Clamshell buckets and mechanical grabs: Hydraulic ecological clamshell

One of the leading products from Negrini is the hydraulic ecological clamshell, a special kind of bucket that is suitable for jobs with a specific depth, and they are the ideal solution for moving contaminated sludge. In fact, the linear cutting technology permits the removal of sediments, creating an even excavated surface. The ecological clamshell has the particular characteristic of eliminating the contaminated sediment uniformly.

The clamshell buckets made by Negrini may be: mechanical or hydraulic, radio-controlled or ecological clamshells, for dredging and diaphragm wall grabs. The grabs may be mechanical or hydraulic. 
The hydraulic grabs are ideal for handling rock, scrap and recyclable materials and may be attached to crawler cranes or to all of the lifting equipment with two or four cables.

The clamshell buckets from Negrini are available in both mechanical and hydraulic versions.

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About Negrini

Mechanical grabsThe professionalism and experience of its specialized work force make Negrini Srl an absolute point of reference in the field of excavation and earth-moving equipment; the company also uses external collaborators for design projects that require this.

Every request is evaluated first of all from a technical viewpoint, then planned and inserted into a Cad Cam system of electronic elaboration and three-dimensional, solid Cad.

The product testing takes place within the company, and then the production manager carries out a final control.

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