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Fireproof, fire-retardant plaster and varnish presented by Amonn

Amonn is the leading company in Italy specializing in passive fire protection for building structures and building materials.

The technical know-how of four other important Italian companies - Italvis, Protect, Stufex and Protherm -  have led to ’s products, such as their fireproof plaster, intumescent varnishes and fire-retardant paints, being well-known in the market today.

  • Fireproof plaster for reinforced concrete, masonry, civil and industrial buildings
  • Fire-retardant varnishes for steel and wood structures, reinforced concrete and masonry
  • Fireproofing and fire-retardant protection
  • Passive fire protection  
  • Reactive coatings for steel structures, wood structures, reinforced concrete and masonry

JF Amonn - Amotherm

Amonn: The specialist in passive fire protection

The intumescent varnishes, also known as reactive coatings, are protective substances that on exposure to heat and flame produce a carbon foam which slows down combustion and limits the rise in temperature. 

The intumescent varnishes are designed specifically on the basis of different mechanic properties and to deal with varying reactions to fire.


A competent and reliable partner

Amonn operates at international level.

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Amonn is certified UNI EN ISO 9001/2000, UNI EN ISO 14001/2004, ENV 13381-3-4-5-6-7 and all Amonn Fire products fully comply with EU legislation requirements in terms of passive fire protection (EU directive 89/106).

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Via Altmann 12 – 39100 Bolzano (BZ) Italy
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Via Cima ai Prà, 7 - 32014 Ponte nelle Alpi (BL) Italy

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Via Tiepolo, 1/3 - 20090 Segrate (MI) Italy
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