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Construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms presented by Alimak

Alimak is the partner for anyone in the construction industry and other industries seeking reliable and efficient vertical access solutions.

Available on five continents, our product portfolio includes construction hoists, industrial elevators, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms, material hoists, and machines for use underground.

Our company offers new and used construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms, both for rental and for sale. We also offer qualified after-sales services. Our products are reliable and meet the highest quality standards.

Mast climbing work platform

Alimak products are the right solutions to fully satisfy all customers’ needs and expectations. They are produced using integrated software and latest generation applied engineering to adapt the solutions to customers’ demands as well as computerized calculating systems that enable us to ensure speed and precision in providing technical support and cost assessment.

The construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms are manufactured using materials and components that are strictly controlled from a safety point of view and can be replaced or modified to achieve greater reliability and resistance to wear and tear. Alimak has a range of spare parts readily available.

Construction hoists

They are used to transport people and materials. Their main applications include new build construction, refurbishment, chimney, mobile formworks and bridge construction. They can be used for all kinds of buildings of any height.

Scando 450
This construction hoist offers greater efficiency and improved durability with lower energy consumption and reduced cost of ownership. Accessibility is improved by the use of the new microprocessor based control system, ALC II, which can solve many site logistical problems. For example, the system reduces waiting times by storing all calls from the landings and sending the hoist that is logistically nearest to a landing.
Scando 450 is also equipped with a frequency control unit with closed loop that ensures smooth starting and stopping of the elevator by using a low starting current and less wear and tear.

Scando Light
Due to its 1.3 mx1.5m landing surface area and 600kg capacity, this model is particularly suitable for renovation and construction work in city centres, where space is limited. It can be installed in stairwells and elevator shafts, and is moved by crane or forklift. The self-supporting version can reach a maximum height of 9m.  

Scando Super
These are elevators for people and materials with a large space and high operating speed. They are particularly suitable for very tall buildings. They are able to reach lifting heights of 250m and 400m at a speed of 100m per minute. The capacity of the cabin varies between 2800 kg and 3200 kg. It is however possible to obtain higher capacities on request.

Mast climbing work platforms

These are reliable work platforms fitted with equipment to protect against damage. They are also built with galvanized columns that provide a guarantee of durability. The scaffolding is made up of extremely versatile work platforms, which can adapt easily to different structural needs and dimensions.
They do not require any maintenance.

HEK MS Compact
This is a mast climbing work platform which makes it possible to pass through openings of 850mm with maximum performance. It is ideal for industrial and construction applications where access is difficult and the work space is reduced.
It can work up to 100m in height, with anchors at 12m intervals, moving at a speed of 7.4 m per minute and a capacity of 1060kg.
It features a work platform that is shaped according to the structural dimensions.

Like the previous model, this is a mast climbing work platform used to apply coatings to glass, stone and metal facades and for carrying out insulation and masonry work, as well as for renovation work. It can work up to 200m with anchors, or a maximum of 20m in the self-supporting version.
The newly developed transmission has given a 57% increase in moving speed, reaching 11 m per second.  This feature is particularly useful for working environments at high levels.
The maximum capacity of MS ProMax is 3000kg  in the single mast version and 5000kg in the twin mast version. The central Megadeck provides a work platform 38.4m in length.

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