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Professional machines for fresh pasta production Aldo Cozzi Sas: 30 years of experience for reliable and precise machines, all complying with CE regulations

Machines for fresh pasta

Aldo Cozzi Sas has been operating for many years in the national and international market, presenting and promoting machines for pasta factories.

They are the result of 30 years of experience in the sector. They are used for the production of all types of pasta, such as: short pasta, long pasta, fresh pasta, dry pasta, ravioli, cappelletti, tortellini, gnocchi and typical products thanks to the use of special machines.

All the Aldo Cozzi production complies with the current EC regulations for food and accident prevention.

In particular, fresh pasta machines are important. They are characterized by the quality of the materials used, precision and maximum reliability. They represent the best that can be found both in national and international markets.

Also used pasta machines are available: these are overhauled machines, refurbished and guaranteed for 6 months.

Production of professional machines for pasta factories: here is the complete range proposed by Aldo Cozzi

  • Machines for fresh pasta, dry pasta and long pasta laboratories
  • Machines for puff pastry, stuffed pasta, ravioli, tortellini, cappelletti, tortelloni
  • Gnoccatrice, Automatic ravioli machine, Cappellettatrice
  • Cutter for noodles
  • Puff pastry machine for dough and long pasta
  • Combined pasta machines
  • Automatic press for long pasta, short and puff pastry
  • Paste pasteurizer
  • Dryer for pasta
  • Industrial lines producing fresh pasta, gnocchi, cappelletti, ravioli, lasagne and cannelloni.

Thanks to the experience gained over many years it is possible for Aldo Cozzi to guarantee customers a service of great satisfaction and quality; technical assistance is assured by highly qualified technicians, who are available to plan control interventions and preventive maintenance.

Professional machines for fresh pasta shops

A pasta machine suitable for every need. From small / medium production of fresh pasta to industrial productions. Fast, practical and safe.

Packaging machines for pasta and packaging lines for pasta factories

Reliable, compact and made of stainless steel: the real revolution in pasta packaging.

Pasteurisers for filled pasta

ideal for a correct hydrothermal treatment of fresh stuffed pastas so as to prolong their shelf life after being packaged.

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