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Croissant machines, machines for confectionery products presented by Albaequipment

Rolling croissant

Machines for confectionery products

The company production is focused on equipment for the realization and moulding of bakery and pastry products such as croissants, fagottinos, strudel, shells, ciabatta, snails, biscuits, pardole, carasau, pizza, bread, salt biscuits, savoury, puff pastry, yeast dough, etc

The production dedicated to croissant is large

  • Croissant machines and moulders
  • Croissant rolling units, curling units
  • Regular croissants machines and filled croissants machines

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Albaequipment: 40 years of experience in bakery and pastry equipment

Albaequipment, with its staff with no fewer than 40 years of experience in bakery and pastry equipment, produces machines that can answer adequately to the requirements of the market itself and to the needs of the customers, by planning and making personalized or standard machines and installations.

  • Automatic machine for pastry and for bakery
  • Automatic lines for croissant production, ciabatta production, pizza
  • Automatic sheeters and manual sheeters
  • Make-up tables for bakery, for pastry

Machines for confectionery products

The Albaequipment also supplies spare parts for machinery, production lines and groups

  • Spare parts for pastry machines,  for baking, for bakery machines, pie machines, bread machines
  • Spare parts for Cim and Tecknomatik machines

The Albaequipment develops new projects in collaboration with its customers.

Broad and complete product catalog, inside which you can find new machines, spare parts and accessories, but also a large area dedicated to the use, opportunities guaranteed by the same company.

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