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Connectors for wooden floor slab strengthening and connectors for building industry presented by AL-FER

AL-FER produces the patented connector without any adhesive AL-FER.

Connectors for building industry

The AL-FER without any adhesive connector is easy, convenient and cheap.

  • Connectors without any adhesive
  • Made-to-measure connectors for building industry
  • Fastening systems for wooden and concrete floor slabs
  • Fastening systems for building industry
  • Iron working
  • Aluminium working
  • Stainless stell working
  • Brass working
  • Steel window frames
  • Steel reinforced doors

Connectors for building industry

It has been created to upgrade the wooden floor slab strengthening and it is made up of an only metallic pivot with a screw thread and an outward spiral to strengthen the to-wood and to-concrete hooking.

AL-FER Connector without any adhesive (European patent): quality, semplicità, economy.

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