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Plein Air Unicar
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Ice cream kiosks and carts for street vendors: Plein Air outfitting for mobile sales points

In long ago 1988, Unicar made the first mobile store, for fun and for love. Following this came, over time, an ample range of equipment for open-air sale of ice cream and drinks, popcorn and crepes, but also fish, fast food, and clothing and every other need of the itinerant salesman. 
The little vehicle has grown into an industry, structured around evolved machines, computerized design, and specialized technicians.

Plein Air’s main areas of activity are: carts, kiosks, and mobile sales points. Innumerable solutions for various types of merchandise: support carts, kiosks, large supermarkets, electric cars for beach sales, refrigerated boxes both fixed and mobile, etc. Plein Air Unicar is the absolute leading company in the field of design and outfitting of commercial vehicles or those for artisanal use for every personalized need.

Ice cream kiosks

Any type of outfitting for multiple uses. These usually have steel structures with moulded steel or fiberglass roof, three openings with manual dampers in light alloy, and insulated, curtains and reels, tubs with 9 9 flavours, receptacles for fruit, refrigerated and neutral cabinets, low temperature vertical cabinet for stores, shelves, and many optionals. Fair kiosks, newspaper kiosks and others are available.

Kiosks are ideal structures for markets where food products are sold. In addition to ice cream, kiosks can be outfitted for selling yogurt, crepes, waffles, fried foods, spun sugar, popcorn, hot dogs, sandwiches and beverages. Every setup can be completely personalized. The stainless steel structure is lightweight, with a moulded roof in stainless steel or fiberglass, and internal outfitting with ventilated display case and refrigerated or neutral compartments.


Ice cream carts

The ice cream carts can vary in terms of structure, function, and appearance. They may use continuous power, with autonomy, with refrigerated cases, etc.  


Suitable for packaged ice creams and bulk ice cream, they have a scoop wash, reserve tanks, water recycling, and cone holders or drink holders. They have six hours of autonomy and a fixed fabric roof, wheels in reinforced steel, brass bells, full tires, package carriers, 12v lamps, price list holder, and lever or pedal brakes. Numerous options are available and every detail is carefully perfected to create a quality, functional cart.


Outfitting of mobiles shops and vehicles.


These are made to measure for the sale of ice cream, sandwiches, carbonated beverages, slushes, and popcorn. In the version for ice cream, they are outfitted with 6x6 flavours, scoop wash, reserve tanks and water recycling, and have 6-8 hours of autonomy, operating temperature of -15°/-18° and external temperature of 28°, cone holders under the roof, etc. It is possible to have outfitting for commercial vehicles for various uses, with insulated truck body, structure in stainless steel and light alloy, personalized.



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