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Raimondi Spa's flooring tools and tiling tools have the best value for money on the market and are made entirely in Italy.

Tools for tileSince 1974 Raimondi has produced innovative technologies for floor-laying, manufacturing machines and equipment for the laying of floors, products designed to improve the quality of production and reduce the level of physical exertion for the tiler.

These products are made exclusively by the company and solely on the Italian territory; they are also characterized by the best value for money.  Raimondi tools are the best on the market.

Commercial activity is consolidated by a constant participation in the most important national and international trade shows, important ground for meeting with partners and operators in the market.

With its tools, Raimondi is present throughout the world, with strong roots in Europe, North America and Australia; 35 years in the business with a 10,000 square meter plant.

Tiling tools and flooring tools

Screed Machine

Raimondi focuses on professionals who demand maximum quality from their products, and the company guarantees this by carrying out development, design and assembly of their products and subjecting them to strict control at the end of the production cycle.

The tiling tools and flooring tools are designed and developed to improve the quality of the finished work, increase productivity and simultaneously reduce the physical effort of the user.

The tiling tools and flooring tools enclose the Raimondi motto: quality, innovation and effectiveness.

Saw with SHERPA slide

Used for cutting brick, natural stone and concrete structures with deep thickness. The maximum diameter of the disc is 600mm.  Complete with key kit, operation and maintenance manual, cart handles.

GS 86 compact sawing machine

Used for cutting square holes, round holes, porcelain, stoneware, single-double fired, marble and granite.  Can be used with 2 discs with diameters ranging from 100mm to 115mm.  Complete with turbo ceramic disc Ø 100 mm (4 "), 5 sanding disks, key kit, stone reviving disk, operation and maintenance manual.

Bucaniere tile Driller

A specific machine for drilling tiles before installation;  used for porcelain tile, marble, granite, glass and single-double fired.  Complete with key kits, stone reviving disk, operation and maintenance manual.  

Grouting tools

These are utensils needed to seal joints on floors; rakes and trowels are available.

Tile adhesive spreading tools

A series of toothed spatulas, trowels and glue spreaders needed to prepare floor installation.

Vibrating screeds and tile beaters

Useful tools for the vibration of tiles during installation with mortar, the frequency of vibration ensures perfect leveling between the tiles and complete adhesion of the mortar to the tile itself. There are different models with different rates of vibration. 

Floor Machines for grinding and sanding

These are machines used for grinding and sanding surfaces, for the restoration of marble and granite floors, sanding hardwood floors, to smooth screeds, to wash and treat terracotta and to fill allayed floors. Smaller models are available. 

Electric grout sponge cleaners for removing sealing products

Can be used on terracotta, porcelain, bi-single-fired, marble, klinker, gravel and natural stone. These are tools that do not drain leaks, easy to handle and suitable for use in small areas. 



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