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Machines for resistance welding and electrical upsetting from CEMSA: quality and high performance for various sectors of use


The name CEMSA is synonymous with applied technology; the company operates in the area of resistance welding technology and electrical upsetting.

The resistance welding and electrical upsetting machines made by CEMSA are used for the most advanced applications in the various sectors of use: sheet metal, gratings, and mesh panels; automotive components; components for the air conditioning and ventilation sector; metal supplies, and the railroad, aeronautical and naval industries.


Resistance welders

These are machines that carry out the welding process using heat and pressure on the parts to be welded.

  • Spot welders
  • Projection welders  
  • Seam rollers
  • Butt and flash-butt welders

The machines offered on the market by CEMSA include spot and projection welders, seam welders, butt and flash-butt welders, special CNC robots (Roboroof, Robobench, Roboside, Robocomb and Roboseam), flexible production cells for welding and assembly or industrial automation, and electrical upsetting systems.


Electrical upsetting

Electrical upsetting serves to deform, with heat the extremity or a part of a metal bar. The part that is heated is connected to the transformer by means of the current-carrier clamp and the anvil. It is possible to perform upsetting with even very demanding materials such as titanium and its alloys.

Electrical upsetting is used for the following components:

  • valves for thermal motors
  • truck tyre valves for heavy vehicles
  • flanged axles shafts
  • bolts, rods, suspensions, arms
  • automotive components
  • decorative elements for fences
  • tools


Cemsa – the company

Cemsa was founded under that name in 1969 and immediately devoted its energy to the sector of resistance welding technology; however, its experience dates to the 1950s when it first directed it efforts toward this sector.

Over the years, Cemsa began designing and developing robots for resistance welding and machines for numerical control.

Today, thanks to a team of professionals, technical engineers and highly qualified workers, it is able to meet and satisfy various needs in the areas of resistance welding, electrical upsetting, assembly and automation.

Cemsa is present throughout the world, and exports more than 80% of its annual production.



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