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Barrel pumps for grease and equipment for dosing, mixing and distribution of fluids and lubricants not. Maximum efficiency and smooth operation

Production pumpsThe air operated grease pumps and manual grease pumps by O.M.P.I. Fluid Handling Tools are included in a wide range of lubricating equipment for industrial uses. The company has been working for more than twenty years in the mechanical assembly industry.

Grease barrel pumps

The grease barrel pumps are available with a flexible hose, rigid dispenser-pipe and 4-jaw fitting. They are also available in the hand-operated barrel version, equipped with spring driven hose and dispensing gun. The hand operated greasing unit is compact, with neither electric nor pneumatic connections and represents an excellent multi-purpose and mobile greasing station.

Air operated grease pumps

The structure of the air operated grease pumps is tested and guaranteed. The air operated grease pumps are equipped with a pneumatic motor made in brass and aluminium alloy. They are easy to use and maintain.
The pumping system is provided with a hardened steel pole, which is resistant and suitable for constant and hard works. The gaskets can be used with most of the multi purpose greases available on the market.
All types of grease commonly feature high-viscosity which does not help for an easy fluid transfer. The use of pumps with a high compression rate is therefore recommended. The company's wide range of air operated pumps includes special models, along with manual and electric pumps.

Among lubricating equipment, the fluid handling products are particularly interesting and include:

  • Electric grease and oil pumps
  • Lubrication equipment
  • Air operated grease and oil pumps, manual grease and oil pumps
  • Oil evacuators
  • Grease hose reels, oil hose reels
  • Tank foamers
  • Wheeled wash basins
  • Lubrication accessories
  • Compressed air accessories
  • Electronic control unit for oil dispensing


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