Major Group Srl by Cosmo Service

Major Group Srl by Cosmo Service
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Hair Cosmetics, Hair care Professional Products presented by Major Group by Cosmo Service

Cosmo Service is specialized to produce hair cosmetics and professional hair care products Made in Italy. Company offers a complete range of hair products for colouring and for treatments, for styling and for restyling.

  • Cosmetics anti hair loss, rebalancing, calming, oily, dry, treated and coloured hair
  • Permanent and semi-permanent hair colors
  • Color treatment for hair
  • Cream color treatment

Hair cosmetics have an elevated quality and have been realized with natural row material. They are the result of a intensive work of research and develop. Cosmo Service hair cosmetics are suitable for all hair types, they differ in the use and structure of the hair to which they are intended.

These products are particularly careful to physiological balance of the hair and therefore subject to extensive test to ensure safety, efficacy and exclusive quality.

Within the vast range of hairs cosmetics and hair care products you can find: professional shampoo, professional mask, conditioner, hair color, after color products, straightening and anti-frizz treatment and styling products. 

Treatments for dry hair

Uses natural extracts to improve health and features of hair, taking care of hair fibre and scalp. Bio Restore is divided in four lines: “Vital” for hair loss problems,  “Detoxifying”  for impure skins, ”Rebalancing” for dandruff problems and “Dermocalmante” for sensible scalp.

It’s a line that uses active ingredients of the grape must, which is a natural and genuine nutrient for hair. Grape must contains all qualities generated from grapes which are rich of polyphenols.
Polyphenols are natural elements with  antioxidants properties; as stop harmful effects of free radicals, mainly responsible of aging.

This is a full line of product for hair, adapt for all kind of hair and scalp. Anti- dandruff, anti –loss and sebum balance. FINISHING – HAIR CARE - MANTAINING - RESTRUCTURING - BRAN
Cs Line products hold many vitamins: A, B, C, D, K, beneficial effects and reduces the formation of free radicals, slowing the aging process.

An innovative line for cleansing and hair care, thank to beneficial property of garlic and Shea butter. Natural Therapy line is divided in:  line purifying and strengthening garlic and line restorative Shea butter.

Line of permanent and  natural colour. The chemical formula gives a long resistance at shampoo and other factors as sunlight or friction.

Defined semi permanent because after 5-6 shampoo, colour shade returns to the original ones. Color Jelly is indicated to change natural colour in few shades, creating highlight or just to cover gray hair.

These professional colour, aim to combine high quality of pigments with active principles, to obtain not only a beauty product but also highly functional,  which makes beautiful hair in and out, healthy and nice to see and touch.

Two lines dedicated to all people that need to shape their hair look quickly and easily. The lines include products suitable to all kind of hair and thank to styling paste you can have a fantastic look in short time. Moreover to protect, nourish and  cleanse the hair there are many formulas. Active principles present in these products such as aloe Vera extract and marine collagen who improve the elasticity of the hair fiber.

Complete the range of hair cosmetics, a line of solar products such as: shower shampoo, after sun treatment for hair, oil and protective gel for hair during sun exposures.
Solarize has been created to protect hair from sun radiations not only in vacations but daily as always exposed to ultraviolet radiations



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