Machines for orzo (barley) espresso

The orzo espresso machine has become an indispensable piece of equipment for every bar. It is an automatic machine that may be personalized, as it allows the user to set the concentration of the drink according to specific needs and to activate with the touch of a button the instant preparation of orzo espresso by mixing hot water and instant orzo.

The machine consists of a boiler, a basin of water with practical frontal access for loading and cleaning and an electronic control panel that monitors the water level and temperature and indicates when the anti-calcium filter needs replacing.

Some machines for orzo espresso have more than one dispenser for instant products; in addition to orzo, they dispense ginseng drinks, hot chocolate, guarana coffee, and other instant beverages.  The same machine has a button for dispensing hot water for the preparation of other infusions such as tea, camomile and herbal drinks.