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Auto body welding tools presented by Prima

Founded in 1993 by business partners Guglielmo Doni and Giampaolo Dal Sasso, with over ten years’ experience in the welding industry, PRIMA has established itself over the years as a solid industrial company. Thanks to their innovative and high quality products, PRIMA has become a market leader in Italy and their welding equipment for car bodyshops is now present in all European and in many non-European markets.

A process of growth supported by constant and thorough research and technology upgrades.
This winning combination has created projects and products that are unique in terms of quality, design and efficiency and have marked an evolution in this sector, ensuring the company's success around the world.

PRIMA specializes in the development of spot welders for car bodyshops, electrical welding equipment and body repair tools, to provide specific solutions to meet the requirements of the automotive market.

  • Electric welding machines, wire welding machines, spot welders
  • Hand operated, semi-automatic, industrial, professional welding machines for auto body
  • Welders for garages, auto repair shops
  • Electric, wire, spot, hand-operated, automatic and professional welding machines
  • Electric spot welders
  • Spot welding machines
  • Combined welding systems
  • Garage equipment, auto repair tools
  • Auto body plasma cutting
  • Spot welders for auto repair shops

The primary objective is to work with professional bodyshops to assure high quality performance and profit. PRIMA also provides professional consultancy to guarantee its partners turnkey solutions for the future.

Professional welders for car bodyshops

The car bodywork welders allow you to perform the following types:

MIG / MAG welding is a process using a continuous wire electrode, in which the weld area is protected by a shielding gas fed through a welding gun onto the item being welded. The difference between the Mig and Mag techniques is determined by the shielding gas used to protect the weld area. MIG / MAG welding, thanks to the continuous wire process, guarantees high productivity and the absence of slag, unlike electrode welding. It is also an arc welding procedure with the advantage that the operator can keep the arc under direct observation and thus check the performance of the weld. It is also possible to weld in non-flat positions. The MIG / MAG welders are made up of: a dual function torch, to strike the arc between the wire and the piece and feed the shielding gas onto the weld area, mass, arc current generator, wire advance and control mechanism, wire winding reel; gas cylinder protection. This type of welding is used especially in garages / bodyshops.

TIG welding is a type of arc welding process with infusible electrode and inert gas shielding. It can be carried out with or without filler metal. It creates high quality seams, but requires highly skilled operators. TIG welding requires a torch with an electrode made of tungsten inserted into it, a feed nozzle for the shielding gas, insulation sheath, power supply and electrode support. TIG welders are also made up of a power generator, gas cylinder protection, and filler metal rod if required. The advantage of this type of welding is that the filler material in the weld is independent from the heating filler in the weld. It can also be automated.

MMA is an arc welding process with a single electrode coated with manual transmission, in which the metal core of the electrode melts to become the welding filler metal, while the coating acts as the electric current flux and creates the slag. Depending on the materials to be welded, you can use rutile electrodes, basic, cellulosic or silica acids.  

Depending on the model, PRIMA produces welders for bodyshops that can be used for all three types of welding described above by selecting the right program. They are equipped with a digital display sensor that shows values and icons, and PLC power line control. Depending on the model, they have three MIG / MAG torches for steel, aluminium and braze-welding, TIG torch and MMA pliers.

Spot welders for car bodyshops

The range includes spot welders with inverter technology, spot welders with 6500A welding power and spot welders with 8500A welding power.
The first model is characterized by a patented inverter system with variable frequency. It is also fitted with welding pliers complete with transformer, liquid cooling of the pliers and welding arms, three-phase power supply, carbon welding arms, carbon fiber casing. The portable welders with inverter technology are characterized by high welding capacity and remarkable electrode power.
The other two models are controlled by a sophisticated digital microprocessor that recognizes the tool connected and automatically sets the welding parameters. They use air cooling. The welding pliers are compact and lightweight and pneumatically operated.
The range also includes combined welding systems, formed by a three-phase professional welder and spot welders for car bodyshops set up with a single power cable. These systems allow you to intervene and resolve any problems in welding and car body repair, reducing working times and maximizing space. They have the same technical characteristics and performance as the individual machines they are made up of. 



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